A revolution is headed my way!

I won’t lie: if I’m home alone with my son, and all of his outfits without zippers or buttons are dirty, chances are he is being dressed in feetie pajamas or his fly will not get zipped up!

With the CMT, my fingers don’t always work well enough to zip up a pair of pants on the squirmiest 1-year-old this side of the Charles River. I’ve often wondered when those with disabilities were going to be considered when clothes and other things were designed. Finally, though, we have the potential for me to never again have to say “Honey, can you zip this for me, please?”

A woman and her son went on a mission to design a zipper a family member with a form of muscular dystrophy can use. And after 100 prototypes, they found one, using magnets to guide the contraption.

The best part? Under Armour is going to use the zipper by the end of the year! Such great news and so good to know someone is thinking of the minority!


About finallyimamama

After 4.5 years of infertility, I am a mom to an amazing boy! Follow me as I meander the path of parenthood as a disabled, first-time mom.
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