Big weekend for my bug


At 14 months, Jameson is at an in-between age in terms of what he can do and what he’ll enjoy.

We tried Southwick’s Zoo late last summer and he enjoyed what he could see from his stroller…until he fell asleep. Great zoo, though, and can’t wait to take him back this summer.

We tried the Enchanted Village at Jordan’s Furniture in December, but he seemed to enjoy seeing his older cousins enjoy the adventure more than the exhibit itself.

But we don’t give up easily.

Next up on our to-try list is the New England Aquarium this weekend. We’re meeting my wife’s cousin and her husband and daughter, having lunch at Durgin Park and making it an all-around playdate. The aquarium has always been a favorite of mine, so I am hoping it will be for Jameson, too. Not only do I have a $100 gift certificate to Durgin Park (thank you WROR employee of the day program), but I also planned ahead and snagged the only pass left for Sunday from the Lincoln Library. The pass lets 4 in for a very discounted rate—$10 per person instead of $25+! With the recent renovations to the aquarium, my hopes are high for a good visit! My only concern is finding parking that’s accessible to both the aquarium and Durgin Park that’s also handicapped.

The weekend kicks off, though, tonight at PF Changs with a friend. It’s a fav of ours because they offer healthier options, like brown rice, and a great kids menu that isn’t packed with junk! Also, even though it’s at the Natick Mall, there’s handicapped parking right outside, which makes me happy.

Jameson’s first haircut in the morning at D’Iorios with our friend Thea, then a birthday party for his cousin…whew, it’s a jam-packed spring weekend, but I’m excited! Can’t wait to report back on how it all goes! Happy Friday!


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After 4.5 years of infertility, I am a mom to an amazing boy! Follow me as I meander the path of parenthood as a disabled, first-time mom.
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